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    Deepen China Finland Friendly Exchange and Cooperation

    時間:2018-06-13 11:40:41          來源:

    On January 11, Helsinki local time, member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, executive chairman of China International Cultural Communication Center Long Yuxiang met with the Chinese Ambassador to Finland, Mr. Chen Li, the two sides had the deep discussion on further promoting the overall pragmatic cooperation, as well as the friendly relations between the two countries.
    Ambassador Chen Li expressed affirmation and praised CICCC for the fruitful achievements and contribution that have been made over the years in promoting foreign culture exchanges and cooperation and introduced in detail the development of Sino-Finnish relations. He said that President Xi Jinping paid a state visit to Finland on April 4, 2017, which fully reflects the high level of bilateral relations and the firm willingness of both sides to develop China-Finland friendship. Finland is one of the first western countries who has established diplomatic ties with China and the first western country who has signed an inter-governmental trade agreement with China. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties 67 years ago, with the joint efforts of both sides, China-Finland relations have become a model of peaceful coexistence and mutually beneficial cooperation between countries of different historical, cultural, social systems and development stages. In recent years, China-Finland relations have been advancing rapidly, for instance the frequent exchanges of high-level visits, smooth trade flows, active people-to-people exchanges and cultural exchanges. Currently, China and Finland have actively expanded practical cooperation in trade and investment, energy conservation, environmental protection, clean technology, culture education, scientific research and innovation and other fields, which has achieved fruitful results. The development strategies of China and Finland are highly compatible, with obvious complementary advantages in terms of industrial structure and technological level. Finland has advanced technologies and concepts in energy conservation, environmental protection, science and technology innovation, education, pension and other fields. If this will be combined with China's capital and market, and bilateral cooperation will have huge potential. At the same time, as Beijing will host the 2022 winter Olympics, the cooperation of snow and ice projects will become a new highlight of China-Finland cooperation. The two heads of state agreed to enrich the cultural exchanges form and content, by holding Beijing 2022 Olympics as an opportunity, to further promote the cooperation on winter projects and winter Olympic games, confirmed that 2019 will be the “China Finland Winter Sports Year”. Chen Li expressed congratulations and appreciation for the cooperation between Kunlun Red Star Ice Hockey Club under CICCC supervision with the Finnish Jokerit Hockey Club.
    Long Yuxiang thanked Ambassador Chen for his long-standing support for the work of China International Cultural Communication Center. He said, on April 5, 2017, during the state visit that President Xi Jinping paid to Finland, under the witness of the two countries government delegation, Beijing Kunlun Red Star Ice Hockey Club under CICCC supervision formally signed the strategic cooperation agreement with Finish Jokerit Hockey Club, aimed to promote the development of ice hockey sport in China and take concrete actions to support the 2022 Beijing Olympics. Both clubs have launched a series of substantive cooperation, including professional players training, coaches and team management training, hockey venue facilities and equipment cooperation, youth hockey athletes training, business and marketing cooperation, competition arrangement and etc. Hope to strengthen the closely cooperation with Chinese Embassy in Finland, to develop more cooperation in the fields like culture, education, science, sports and etc., especially in ice hockey, to tell good Chinese story, to communicate Chinese voice, and to jointly promote the Sino-Finnish relations forward.
    After the meeting, Chen Li and Long Yuxiang watched the ice hockey game together.