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    Promote the Initiation of China-Sweden Ice Hockey Year

    時間:2018-06-13 16:43:04          來源:

    On February 1, member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, executive chairman of China International Cultural Communication Center Long Yuxiang met with the chairman of Sweden China Entrepreneur Association Zhang Qiaozhen in Beijing, the two sides reached a number of cooperation consensus in the areas such as sports, culture, education, economy and etc., and agreed to officially kick off as soon as possible the specific cooperation projects, to promote the initiation of the ice hockey year, and to take concrete actions to support the 2022 Winter Olympics and Chinese Ice Hockey Sports development in China.
    Long Yuxiang welcomed Zhang Qiaozhen's visit, he said, Sweden was the first western country who established diplomatic ties with China. A healthy, stable and sustainable China-Sweden relationship is not only match with the interests of our respective countries, but also conducive to the comprehensive development of China-Northern Europe cooperation and China-Europe relations. Sweden is a great winter sports power, Kunlun Red Star Ice Hockey Club under the supervision of China International Cultural Communication Center is developing rapidly, it is the first club in China to join the world's top professional ice hockey league. Hope to work together with chairman Zhang and her association to further strengthen the exchanges and cooperation of ice hockey sports, to promote the ice hockey development in China, and to make greater contribution for the development and popularization of Chinese ice hockey and to boost China's winter Olympics in 2022.
    Zhang Qiaozhen thanked Long Yuxiang for his warm reception. According to the introduction, the Sweden-China Entrepreneurs Association is a membership information exchange association jointly held by Swedish entrepreneurs and Chinese entrepreneurs, which dedicates to the high-technology innovation, green environmental protection, energy saving research and development, electronic science and technology, clean energy development, biological medicine, life science and other sustainable development projects, and strives to provide the cooperation and exchange platforms in the fields like scientific research, trade, culture, talents and others. Sweden is a great country of ice and snow sports with perfect system, accompanying the Beijing 2022 winter Olympics is approaching, and the China ice hockey sport is also booming. China and Sweden have great cooperation potential in ice hockey aspect. China International Cultural Communication Center has made great contribution for the development and popularization of China ice hockey, hope the Sweden China Entrepreneurs Association could hand in hand with China International Cultural Communication Center, and jointly make contribution to the development China's ice hockey.