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    Deepening China-Thailand Cooperation Developing Traditional Friendship

    時間:2018-06-29 11:33:49          來源:

    On June 27, Executive Chairman of China International Cultural Communication Center, Mr. Long Yuxiang met with the former deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, President of Thai-Chinese Cultural & Relationship Council, H. E. Phinij Jarusombat in Shantou, both parties further discussed the points regarding how to strengthen the cooperation between CICCC and Thai-Chinese Cultural & Relationship Council under the framework of “the Belt and Road”, how to promote trade investment and cultural exchanges between the two countries, as well as how to further deepen the traditional friendship between the two peoples.
    Long Yuxiang firstly welcomed the visit of H. E. Phinij Jarusombat and his delegation to China and thanked him for his outstanding contribution to the development and cultural exchanges between China and Thailand. He said that CICCC has always been committed to promoting the development of bilateral relations and cultural exchanges and deepening the traditional friendship between the two peoples through the bridge of cultural exchanges. China and Thailand are close friendly neighbors, and the two peoples have forged a profound friendship of "one family relation between China and Thailand" through long-term exchanges. In recent years, both sides have been actively carrying out cooperation around the "the Belt and Road" construction, capacity cooperation and Thailand 4.0, as well as the Thai Eastern Economic Corridor Construction, which has been injected new impetus for the sustained, healthy and stable development of the bilateral relations. CICCC and Thai-Chinese Cultural & Relationship Council have maintained good friendship for a long time and conducted friendly exchanges in culture, art, sports and other aspects. As one of the earliest special economic zones in China, Shantou is a famous overseas Chinese town and an important port city in south China and It is also the sea gate to the east of Guangdong and southwest of Fujian. We welcome friends from Thailand to invest in Shantou, strengthen people-to-people and cultural exchanges and conduct international cooperation with Shantou. CICCC will continue to strengthen the communication and cooperation with Thai-Chinese Cultural & Relationship Council, constantly deepen the depth and breadth of cooperation, and play a positive role in promoting the friendship between the two peoples.
    President Phinij Jarusombat thanked Long Yuxiang for his warm reception. He said that "The Belt and Road" has brought the historic opportunities for Thai-Chinese cultural exchanges in economy, tourism, agriculture, education and other aspects. The future cooperation between the two countries will surely deepen and benefit southeast Asia as a whole and will contribute to achieve the "multi-win" good development situation for the whole southeast Asia countries. President Phinij Jarusombat invited CICCC to lead the art troupe to visit Thailand and expressed that will keep close contact with CICCC in order to set up good foundations for the cooperation between the two countries in cultural exchanges, economy, trade, sports and other aspects.
    Thai police major general Jia Tulong, executive vice mayor of Shantou People's Government Li Gengjian, Thai police senior colonel Shan Di, Thailand Siam Gas Co., Ltd. Chairman Lv Mulong, CICCC foreign liaison department special representative Huang Chunsheng, Zhang Yongping, deputy director of the secretariat of Macao wisdom society Huang Yin, etc. attended the meeting.